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My Fabulous Puppy has the perfect puppy sweaters  for your stylish pup. MFP has a trendy collection of designer puppy clothes, collars, and accessories. Our one and only plush designer puppy clothes are made from the highest luxury quality up-cycled materials. “All Dogs Deserve to be Fabulous” is our motto but we can also be Eco-friendly and fabulous.


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Picking Fabulous Puppy Sweaters!

Does your dog love quality puppy sweaters? If so, your pup will love our fabulous puppy clothes. My Fabulous Puppy  puppy sweaters are upscale, unique and original.  Luxury dog clothing are more popular among dog owners. Designer puppy sweaters are perfect for any pups wardrobe. Chilly nights are a perfect time to dress your dog in puppy clothes by My Fabulous Puppy. All of our products are handmade including our popular puppy sweaters. You will not find any of these dog clothes anywhere else. My Fabulous Puppy offers female and male puppy sweaters. Many different plush dog clothes that can worn everyday.

In colder months smaller pups and short hair pups get cold easier. Puppy sweaters by My Fabulous Puppy has the essentials you need. Our dog clothing will protect your dog from the winter cold. Puppy sweaters will keep your dog warm and fabulous. Our handmade dog clothing are fitted more than your regular pet sweater. Keeping maximum warmth to your dog is very important to us. You can choose from a collection of angora, wool to cashmere puppy sweaters. Our unique collection will make your pup feel special. Remember to lookout for the perfect size when shopping to dress your pup. My Fabulous Puppy increases the amount of new puppy sweaters in the colder months.

Puppy clothes aren’t just cute handmade one and only items. My Fabulous Puppy ensures all designer dog clothing are functional.  My Fabulous Puppy received great feedback on their handmade puppy sweaters. People have raved about our fabulous puppy clothes. People leave comments stating their pup loves their dog clothing. Some pups refuse to take off the handmade puppy sweaters. We feel we are doing the job we set out to do, to make dogs feel fabulous. My Fabulous Puppy offers many styles of designer dog clothing for everyday.

Do you love fashionable designer puppy sweaters? If so, My Fabulous Puppy offers great dog clothing to choose from. No other dog will have the same designer puppy clothes. Luxury handmade puppy sweaters will make your dog feel special. We pride ourselves on upscale quality and customer services. My Fabulous Puppy is your new #1 online boutique for luxury puppy sweaters.